BUYERS SERVICES: Only $299 now and you get 50% of the commission we receive back!!!

Our full service for buyers is innovative! You get 50% of the buyer agent's commission. For example, if the seller is offering 3% for the buyer's realtor, you will get a rebate for half of that at closing, again, you save a bundle. You pay $299.00 now, we show you up to 5 properties in the area of your choice and on the closing date you get 50% of our commission plus a $299.00 bonus. If you do not close, all you spent was $299, that's it.


  • Market Research of Comparable Properties.
  • Tour of properties that fit your criteria (maximum 5) in the area of your choice, by appointment.
  • Prepare Offer and Review contracts.

Sample Case: We showed you properties that match what you are looking for, you liked a property that costs $500,000, the seller is offering 3% to the Realtor that brings a buyer. When you make an offer and close on the property, we will credit you 50% of the commission, in this case $7,500, which is 1.5% of $500,000.